Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Minnesota State Fair 2012

Every year we go to the State Fair. Minnesota has the second largest State Fair in the country. You really need a couple of days to see it all. We had a blast of course this year. We started out in the birthing barn and saw the pigs, lambs and baby cows. Went on to some of our favorite rides like the big carrousel and some new favorites like rock climbing. We did some dog research, watching obedience training and then  watch a rescue dog getting sprayed. That was interesting but hard to sit through the whole thing, so we left and watched some extreme biking and skateboarding. We then headed over to the Little Hands Farm which is interesting and fun. It teaches some of the basic things that farmers have to do to run a farm. We finally made it to the Kiddie Midway before we ate dinner of pizza and onion rings and then headed over to the Coliseum to enjoy our ice cream and watch a english horse riding competition.
onion rings and pizza for dinner

The 3 little pigs

strapping in

ready to go

up up and away

View of the grandstand

the kiddie midway

Moms office 

Garbage on the roof

extreme biking - very cool!!

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